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An efficiently functioning HR team is the glue that holds an organisation together. You need to ensure that the processes of an HR department flows seamlessly so that they can focus on the employees. To do just that, presenting you with Kanri HR, a comprehensive cloud-based online HRM software that helps companies streamline the HR processes. We promise to deliver convenient and quick solutions. With a goal to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of an organisation, this human resource management software is uber-efficient.


Employee Self-service

Overview of Organisation List of Employee in various departments Internal Messenger Personal Panel to update details

Performance Management

Employee Peformance details for Insights Organising Training Programmes in Specific Departments Motivating Employee with a benchmark for Goals

Leave Management System

Setting Customized Calendar for holidays Online Leave Application System for Employees Centralized Leave summary of all employees

News and Announcements for employees

Issue circulars and general announcements Customized message to employees on their special days Setting reminder for special dates

User-friendly Dashboard

Birds-eye on overall organisational performance Concentration more on Increasing Efficiency Self-Explainatory Dashboard

24/7 Support

Round the clock technical support Expert Guidance on Software Issues Data Back on Cloud

Encouraging you to reach your HR goals

Our HR Management software helps in Realizing excellence through human resources by
providing a solution to traditional HR problems.

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